hinter jedem Buch steht eine Geschichte

The Company


Jellybooks applies data science to book publishing.

Data science has been employed in the music and movie industry for many years. Jellybooks now brings data collection and data analysis to book publishing, be it fiction or non-fiction books, trade, professional or educational books.

Jellybooks is the leader in helping authors, agents and publishers collected data about book reading, because Amazon, Apple and Google, who have such data, do not share it. We are unique in the market in that we can collect reading data from a wide range of third party reading apps by embedding a special piece of analytics software called candy.js inside ebooks. Our data collection and analysis enables authors, literary agents and publishers for the first time to gain detailed insights into how readers engage with specific books. We don’t just provide sales data and broad survey based trends like Nielsen Booktrack does, but detailed insights into how reader engage, rate and recommend specific books and can do this even prior to publication date.

We don’t simply collected data, we analyse and visualise it and tell the story behind a book based on the data we collect. Our audience insights are actionable and lead to improved marketing and publicity outcomes for authors and publishers. They help publishers prioritise how to allocate their resources and improve the bottom line.


This section will be expanded after the Frankfurt Book fair, so please check back in November.