Jellybooks DISCOVERY for publishers

Cross industry platform to peek inside books almost anywhere

Publishers can improve book discoverability, increase retail sales and support independent book sellers and high street bookshops by joining the Jellybooks DISCOVERY platform.

The DISCOVERY platform has been developed jointly by Jellybooks and Blackwell’s as a cross-industry platform for publishers, bookshops and high street retailers to make samples, excerpts and snippets available as part of the websites, email newsletters, and social media posts of retailers, publishers, media partners and influencers.

1. Samples, Excerpts and Snippets Boost Sales

  • Click & read access to sample chapters on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices.
  • Readers can peek inside books on websites via web modals (“pop ups”).
  • Improved conversion on a reader’s journey from discovery to book purchase.

Enhance any site featuring books with online “click & read” content samples.

2. Improve visibility and discoverability across bookshops and Media Partners

  • Currently used by Blackwell’s together with a range of leading independent UK and Irish high street bookshops.
  • Bespoke book widgets (web modals or “pop-up windows”) with custom buy buttons for retailer’s and media partner’s websites.
  • Access via QR codes to create bookmarks, posters, stickers and other point-of-sale material for retailers with links to book samples.

Bookshops love engaging readers with bespoke “peek inside” content.

3. Improve Your Own Online Presence and Social Media Campaigns

  • Offer click & read access to samples within email newsletters and social media posts.
  • An easy way for authors, agents, bloggers, influencers, reviewers and others to include “peek inside” content on their own web pages.
  • Generate insights and data on reader engagement, to spot sales trends early.

Improve discoverability, boost sales and generate market insights.

Bonus Features

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