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Web Software Engineer/JS Developer

Help us build the future of reading and better support the creative industries!

Jellybooks is looking for a JavaScript/TypeScript developer.

Two years ago, our multi-national team created the Jellybooks Cloud Reader. Since then we have worked with publishers and book shops across Europe to bring simple, one-click, file-free reading to readers across the world.

The new team member will help us take the Jellybooks Cloud Reader to the next level and release a new major version built on top of a shared architecture. Some work will also be contributed back to Readium Web, an open source project whose goal is to provide a toolkit for building cloud reading apps. If time allows, you may also participate to its Content Protection specification.

A major initiative we are currently working on is to equip bookshops and publishers with digital tools that help readers discover and explore new books.

Jellybooks also works on open access (OA) challenges for textbooks, early testing and reviews of newly published titles, marketing and retail challenges in bookselling and much more. We have a passion for using data to create better experiences for readers.

This is a fixed term contract (FTC) for a duration of two to three months (may be extended).

Required skills and capabilities

  • Mastery of JavaScript; ES6 especially helpful.
  • Experience with TypeScript.
  • Ability to undertake the refactoring of a web app based on a shared architecture.
  • Ability to design APIs that can be used by others in similar apps (shared models).
  • Understanding of the DOM and its standard APIs.
  • Passion for web performance.
  • Knowledge of source code management, preferably git & Github.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript tooling (npm, webpack, babel) and automated testing (JSDOM, mocha, chai).
  • Good communication skills to ease open source software contributions.
  • Passion for books & reading.


We don’t expect the candidate to cover all of the below, but we do expect mastery of at least two of these areas:

  • Five to ten years coding experience.
  • Several years of plain vanilla JavaScript coding experience – not just frameworks.
  • Prior experience with refactoring web apps or implementing an existing specification highly desirable.
  • Prior experience with designing module/library APIs.
  • Experience with performance improvements.
  • Experience with automated testing.


Please send your CV and a brief note why you are a good match for the position to [email protected] Kindly include links to previous work (Github, links to products you helped develop, etc.), as well. Also please let us know what your availability might be - the sooner, the better.

Background Reading

Jellybooks Cloud Reader Examples

Principals only. No recruiters please. We will not respond to agency or recruiter pitches.

This position is supported by public funding from Innovate UK and Arts Council England.