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Jellybooks has developed a global reputation for its ground-breaking work developing reading insights and analytics. Our reader analytics service has been used by a wide range of UK, US, Scandinavian and German publishers, including Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Elsevier, Pan Macmillan, Bonnier together with Independents including Atlantic Books, Faber & Faber and others.

Building on the proven success of the Jellybooks Cloud Reader, we have developed a range of new services to support publishers across a diverse range of operations from editorial to rights, marketing to sales. Our services help publisher:

  • Improve book discovery with our “peek inside” service on bookseller websites, on publisher own web pages and at point-of-sale with QR codes;
  • Widen consumer awareness with sample links that can be included in social media posts as wells as in reader newsletter (“click to read” and “try before you buy”);
  • Identify a books’ audience and position it in the market with greater precision.
  • A/B test book covers.
  • Build pre-launch awareness and secure advance reader quotes.
  • Develop wider media coverage and more influencer reviews.
  • Promote upcoming titles to booksellers and influencers with new title sales catalogues and advance/title information sheets.
  • Enhancing rights sales information to foreign publishers with our interactive, online rights catalogue with integrated sample and review copy links.

Jellybooks ORCA

Our online review copy access (ORCA) system is a new way to widen the reach of pre awareness and publicity campaigns with proofs and reading copies to send out to press, bloggers, influencers, authors for quotes and the book trade for recommendation. All made possible with a secure browser-based ePUB reading platform that requires no file to be downloaded and no app to be installed by the reader. Find out more about Jellybooks ORCA and how to use it.

Jellybooks DISCOVERY

Allow readers to “peek inside” any of your books at independent and chain bookseller websites or at point-of-sale with QR codes. Use our “peek inside” solution also for your own website and distribute sample via social media and email newsletters. We make opening an ebook as easy as viewing a YouTube video. Find out more about Jellybooks DISCOVERY and its unique features and our retail partners.

Jellybooks ARTS

Jellybooks ARTS is a new way of creating rights guides and sales catalogues that can be updated throughout a selling season, saving the time and cost of designers, all thanks to templates designed by Jellybooks. Thanks to the Jellybooks Cloud Reader, add proofs and sample links too. If you are interested in Jellybooks ARTS contact us through our form.

Jellybooks RADAR

Our classical “reader analytics”, as featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist, and The Bookseller has been extensively upgraded and enhanced with new features.

This service allows you to collect detailed audience insights both prior and after publication. Use it to A/B test proposed covers, understand audience demographics, develop comparisons, and detailed audience insight. Find out more about the power of Jellybooks RADAR, and discover how other publishers are using it to create bestsellers here.

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