Publisher’s Guide to Jellybooks PREVIEW

data-smart book marketing with online excerpts

The Jellybooks PREVIEW platform gives publishers a new way to showcase pre-publication excerpts of narrative books and illustrated books, as well as audiobook snippets.

The Jellybooks PREVIEW service is an ideal platform for publishers to drive pre-orders and improve discoverability through independent retailer and high street bookshop websites and social media. Add PREVIEW samples to your own website and social media too!

Online book excerpts and audiobook snippets are represented and distributed as a links (URLs) which can be viewed, read or listened to in one click thanks to the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.

Publishers can create samples, excerpts and snippets as links in emails, on social media and on websites, as QR codes for print and physical media and as embedded modals (“pop-up” views) on product pages and web sites.

Top 10 Features and Publisher Benefits of the Jellybooks PREVIEW platform

1 - Engage consumers in the run up to publication

Jellybooks PREVIEW is an easy way to stimulate interest, engage readers, and generate pre-orders. Sample, snippets and excerpts work especially well where the content pulls readers into the book and leaves them wanting more.

2 - Great reader experience

Readers can access and start reading Jellybooks PREVIEW samples with a single click. The Jellybooks Cloud Reader is built for speed and designed for exploring content online with ease.

3 - Boost pre-orders across independent retailers and high-street bookshops

PREVIEW samples are distributed by Jellybooks to participating retailers who feature them on their pre-order and product pages as well as in their social media feed.

4 - Versatile use

Excerpts and snippets can be distributed as links in emails and newsletters, on social media and any online setting. They can also be used as QR codes for printed point-of-sale (POS) material, including bookmarks, posters, decals, roundels and as embedded modals (‘pop-up’ views) on product pages, blogs, and reviews sites.

5 - Use Preview sample links to engage media, book trade and bloggers prepublication

Links can be featured in press releases and in print and online reviews.

6 - Create and grow author-specific email list with gated samples

The platform also offers the option of “gated samples” where users have to enter their email address to unlock further content. Ideal for growing dedicated mailing lists for each author and genre.

7 - Multi-format support

The Jellybooks Cloud Reader is a full-fledged ePub reader for narrative content (re-flowable ePub), illustrated books (in fixed-layout/FXL ePub), including children’s books, and a MP3 player for audiobooks.

8 - Create samples of custom length

The Jellybooks Candy dashboard provides a simple and intuitive ePub editor for creating samples of custom length and setting landing page, sample end and where applicable sample gate.

9 - Engagement data

For PREVIEW samples Jellybooks also provides detailed data per title, channels and URL on unique open numbers, reading times (2+ minutes, 5+ minutes, 10+ minutes), links and buy buttons that were clicked as well as the geographic location of readers.

10 - Save on printed sampler costs

Later in 2021, there will also be the capability to create a “sampler” collection from a combination of PREVIEW samples.

Features exclusively available through Jellybooks PREVIEW

Distribution prior to publication date

With Jellybooks PREVIEW publishers can use all the features and benefits of the Jellybooks Cloud Reader, prior to publication date and include samples in the Jellybooks retailer distribution, as well.

Samples and excerpts distributed through our Jellybooks DISCOVERY service are distributed from publication date onwards.

Custom size

With Jellybooks PREVIEW, publishers can use the Jellybooks ePub editor to create samples of custom length. In contrast, Jellybooks DISCOVERY samples have a fixed size and length and are generated through a fully automated process.

Gated sample

Gated samples are only available with Jellybooks PREVIEW.

Detailed engagement analytics

Jellybooks PREVIEW provides detailed data and insights for each title allowing real-time analysis of how each URL or channel is performing.

All Benefits and Features of Jellybooks PREVIEW

Reader Features and Benefits

  • Try before you buy – readers can explore content and pre-order with confidence.
  • One-click access to sample chapters, excerpts and snippets.
  • Instant and personal access, similar to playing a YouTube video, where play starts instantly with no files to download, no app to install, and no registration required.
  • All the accessibility and user benefits of ePUB including variable fonts and night/day mode, without the drawbacks of static PDF and HTML based excerpts and snippets.
  • Browser-based reading system leveraging the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.
  • Accessible on any browser-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, Internet kiosks, and similar.
  • Supports narrative books (re-flowable EPUB), illustrated books (fixed layout EPUB) and audiobooks (MP3).

Marketing Benefits of Jellybooks PREVIEW for Publishers

  • Boost pre-orders with pre-publication samples, excerpts and snippets.
  • Give retailers more content in the run up to publication and support a more diverse retail ecosystem.
  • Enhance discoverability and demand by using on your own product pages and across your email and social media marketing.
  • The easy-to-use link is ideal for authors to use in their own social media and direct-to-reader activities in the run up to publication.

Workflow Benefits for Publishers

  • A single platform to deploy in-house and through retail channels.
  • A cloud-based interface supports remote working.

Cost Benefits for Publishers

  • A combined solution for in-house and external use
  • Affordable with pricing starting at £70 per title.

Environmental Benefits for Publishers

  • Reduce the costs of printing and distributing physical samplers and blads.

Audience Insight Benefits for Publishers

  • Track how often samples are being viewed and the number of buy clicks.

Jellybooks PREVIEW Pricing

Try out the new Jellybooks Preview servicefor free with an initial allowance of 5 free titles.

Jellybooks also offers special plans and pricing for publishers and imprints primarily supporting diverse voices that are under-represented in traditional book publishing. Please contact us for more details, if you are interested in this offer.

Number of New Titles added each year Fee per title Total Annual Fee
up to 5 samples £70 £350
up to 10 samples £65 £650
up to 20 samples £60 £1,200
up to 50 samples £55 £2,750
up to 100 samples £50 £5,000
over 100 samples < £50 bespoke
out of plan cost £150

Pricing is per unique sample (file) added to the service during a contract year, with each format (or unique edition) requiring its own sample, if the master file changes. For example, a change in cover means the master file has changed. The indicative cost per book assumes the full capacity is used and represents the lowest cost per sample achievable under the respective plan. We will host PREVIEW samples for the duration of the contract (i.e. indefinitely if you continuously renew your contract). In contrast to Jellybooks RADAR, there is no annual renewal cost for Jellybooks PREVIEW samples. However, complimentary inclusion in the Jellybooks RADAR fee is limited to 12 months.

White-label and publisher-domain options are available under special enterprise plans. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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The Jellybooks DISCOVERY service was developed with financial support from Innovate UK and Arts Council England.